Real-time commercial insurance delivery for the 21st century

Briza allows brokers to offer real time quotes, binders and policies from a range of underwriters, in real time. Our embeddable web components, and comprehensive API, give brokers the flexibility to deliver a range of commercial insurance products directly from their Cloud-based portals, or customer facing websites on demand, in real time.

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Grow your small business portfolio profitably.

Briza lets you focus on what makes you great - understanding your clients and delivering the right insurance product. Customers enter data once, and obtain bindable quotes in real time. Our platform consolidates all the PDFs, email, forms, and calls you typically make, into a streamlined, digital pipeline.  We provide all the tools to integrate Briza directly into your website, customer portal, or email campaigns. Remain the broker of record. Grow your small business portfolio with ease.

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Maximize Your Digital Distribution To Drive More Business

Briza offers a seamless way to deliver your entire product suite through the hands of a growing number of brokers. From the smallest independent broker to the largest global brokerages, Briza’s powerful web and API toolset makes it easy to access and deliver your insurance products in real time. Manage your approved brokers, add new broker distributors, create your own channels, and finally achieve the promise of digital, with greater reach, and faster transactions.

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Broker Management Systems & Integration Partners

Briza connects with a growing range of software providers, CRMs, broker management systems and wholesalers, to integrate real time quoting, binding, policy issuance, and payment solutions into the existing commercial insurance workflow.

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Leadership Team

We have a very experienced founding team, and are looking for exceptional people with a broad diversity of experience and background to join our new venture.