Fast, Easy, Powerful, Commercial Insurance, Today.

Briza lets you deliver commercial insurance products in real time to
your customers. Our platform has done the heavy lifting by integrating
with a growing list of top insurance providers, offering real-time
quoting and binding through our industry leading API, our plug and
play UI web components, or established software partners.

Finally you can easily service the small business market, and deliver
many quotes for many commercial products, quickly and at low cost.
Grow your small business customer base today!

Multi underwriter, multi product functionality.

Send a link to your customer by text or email. It opens to a single branded, simple insurance application that upon completion generates multiple competing quotes to address your client's needs.

Or, fill out your customer information yourself, to generate the quotes and send by email or post. Grow your small business client base through simple campaigns that generate multiple quotes and bindings in real time. Address an ignored market, and drive more sales.

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